Artist Creates Interesting Poses With Cardboard Cutouts At Sunset

11. The Abduction

Of all the days to take my cow for a ride, I had to choose this one.

cardboard cutouts

12. The Incredible Hulk

“There’s more racism over there,” I said.

“Hulk smash!” The Hulk replied.

13. The Hunting Party

When I was asked to go duck hunting, this is not at all what I expected.

cardboard cutouts

14. The Coyote

True friends stay beside us when times get tough.

15. The Miscalculation

Shadow thought she could jump across the canyon. I didn’t think she could make it.

Then she tried.

Unfortunately, I was right.

cardboard cutouts

16. The Hatch

It was such an honor to be in the field as the turtledoves were hatching.

17. The Cannonball

You know that expression: Look before you leap? Yeah, maybe a quick peek isn’t a bad idea.


It was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’d ever seen, but the little penguin on my shoulder just kept talking about sardines, sardines, sardines.

19. The Alien

“Do NOT take me to your leader,” the martian said.

“Yeah. Good call,” I agreed. “He’s not so big on illegal aliens.”

cardboard cutouts

20. The Disappointment

“Are you the great and powerful Genie?”

“No. Sorry, love. I’m the cleaning lady. Just tidying up between renters.”