Japanese Cardboard Artist Transforms Old Boxes Into Tanks, Food And More!

Japanese artist, Monami Ono, a graduate of the Osaka University of the Arts who studied 3D animation specializes in amazing cardboard artistry. During her second year at the school, she decided to specialize in 3-D animation but ran into a bit of a problem.

“The shop fees for 3-D animation are expensive,” she says, meaning that she couldn’t experiment with wild abandon. Not sure how to get her creative juices flowing while worrying about materials costs, she noticed that she had an abundance of cardboard boxes from online retailer Amazon lying around. “I tried making something out of them, found out that cardboard is a surprisingly fun medium to work with, and from there I really started getting into creating with it!”

The talented and award-winning artist from Wakayama Prefecture’s hobby for practicing animation on cardboard boxes has turned into a full-time craft, landing her appearances on Japanese television, workshop appearances, and even film campaign models.

Take a look at these amazing 3-D sculptures!

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cardboard model

cardboard sneakers

cardboard tank

tank model

beer model

robot model

turtle model

car model