Artist Creates Interesting Poses With Cardboard Cutouts At Sunset


Medical professionals think heat may weaken the virus, so I’m keeping my dragon close.

cardboard cutouts


“Are you coming for me?” I asked Death. “Is it because of the virus?”

“Oh, no,” Death replied. “I just thought I’d trim these bushes.”

23. The Baby

“Okay, little guy. You can do it. Just one word and you get the treat. Can you say: John? Jaaawwwn.”

cardboard cutouts

24. The Date

I offered to drive to the restaurant, but Supergirl said she knew a shortcut.

25. The Ride

“Are you ready to switch yet? I think I’ve had just about enough of the milk crate.”

cardboard cutouts

26. The Law

After the strict leash law went into effect, things got a little weird between Goofy and me.

27. The Honeymoon

After the wedding, I had no idea how I was going to satisfy Queen Kong, but sometimes… you just need to dive right in and see what happens.

cardboard cutouts


“Do you think we’re praying for the same thing?” I asked the mantis.

“Probably not,” the mantis replied.

“Why? What are you praying for?” I asked.

“Fat juicy aphids on the rose bushes,” the mantis admitted.

“Yeah, probably not,” I said.


They call it a Mer-tini. Or a Mer-garita. Something like that. And while it’s a fun novelty for summer, I’m not sure exactly how to drink it.


Centaurs are majestic creatures. Half horse on the bottom, half man on the top. But Ruatnecs are… less noble, to put it mildly. And they definitely need to wear pants when they’re out of the corral.

cardboard cutouts