Eric Standley: Complex Paper Compositions

Eric Standley is an American contemporary artist known for his intricate and multilayered paper compositions. He creates his compositions firstly by making a sketch of the project and drawing each layer. Then, he uses a laser to cut multiple layers of these drawings. In his art, Eric Standley takes inspiration from several things such as DNA, atoms, and Gothic and Islamic ornamentations. Here are some of his most intricate artworks.

Either/ Or Newmarch

This 148 layered paper composition is inspired by Gothic and Islamic architectural ornamentations. Standley aims to create a transition from the strength and massiveness of stone to the fragility of paper.

Either/ Or Newmarch

Demeter (134 Layers)

Demeter paper art

Drift 3.1.1

It is one of Standley’s biomorphic paper compositions, consisting of 51 layers.

Biomorphic art
Biomorphic art detail

The Currency of Tolerances

It is a gothic architecture inspired work which took ten months to complete. One can also see the golden ornaments inside the dome by looking between the buttresses.

The Currency of Tolerances
The Currency of Tolerances detail
The Currency of Tolerances interior

The Similarity of Opposites

The Similariity of Opposits
The Similarity of Opposits in detail


Tetragon 9.5.1.

A tertagon paper art

Verum Object 4

Verum object 4
Verium Object 4 detail


Woe to the Vanquished

Islamic inspired Woe to the Vanquished
Woe to the Vanquished detail

Either/ Or Dioscuri

This work is inspired by the story of Greek mythological twins Castor and Polydeuces (aka Dioscuri) who are the tamer of stormy seas. According to the myth, they are so affectionate toward each other that when Castor dies, Polydeuces gives half of his immortality to his brother. So, they start to alternate between Olympus and Hades. This story reminds Standley the either/or logic. He imagines them coming across while each passes from one world to another.

This work consists of 121 layers including a photograph of Atlantic ocean.

Either/ Or Dioscuri