People Share Their Old Photos Of Encounters With Celebrities

21. My Mom With Ice Cube Circa 1992

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22. My Grandfather With Elvis Presley. 1950’s

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23. In 1983 I Was Chosen Along With 3 Other Students To Interview Ozzy Osbourne For Newsday/Kidsday Newspaper In NYC

24. 1990: A Fan Gets A Photo With Bob Ross And A Landscape He Painted Using Ross’ Series

25. My Roommate’s Mom Dated James Gandolfini For Awhile In The 1980s

26. Terry Crews And His Classmate, Voted Most Likely To Succeed In His Yearbook (1986)

27. My Girlfriend’s Mom Met Al Pacino

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28. My Mom Posing With Eazy-E Outside Of A London Hotel In The Late 80s

29. My Grandmother Was An Interpreter For Chuck Norris