People Share Their Old Photos Of Encounters With Celebrities

Have you ever taken pictures with celebrities? Here are some old photos of celebrity encounters that people found and decided to share!

1. One Time I Saw Samuel L. Jackson At An Airport And He Saw Me And My Cousin Hovering Around Trying To Work Up The Courage To Ask Him For A Photo And Then He Came Over To Us And Said, ‘Y’all Motherf**kers Want A Photo?

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2. My Dad With David Bowie In A Vacation In Greece. 1988

3. My Cool Mom Partying With Robin Williams And Billy Crystal In LA In 1982

4. Old Man With Cigar Spoiled The Photo With Celebrity


5. My Grandfather (Right) With Elvis Presley (Left) In Post-War Germany. Late 1950’s

6. My Grandma Always Used To Tell Us About This Kid That Would Sing At The Resort On Her Vacations In Hawaii. Turns Out That Kid Was Bruno Mars. 1990

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7. My Stepdad Did The All The Flight Rigging For Jamie Lee Curtis In True Lies. He’s 70 This Year And Going Strong As An Ox. This Is Him With Arnold Schwarzenegger And Jamie Lee Curtis

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8. Shaquille O’neal Lifting Me Up By Neck (Realistically, My Arm) 15 Minutes Prior To Playing A Football Game With Him

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9. My Mom And Bob Ross During An Event In Central Park, NYC In 1989

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10. I Was Lucky Enough To Pull Over Al Pacino

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