40 Photos That Show How Things Are Going Weird

31. Shipped Those Crickets Boss


32. It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Cheesy

not my job momentsChristopherAntilope

33. Corporate Said We Should Put In A New Fire Alarm, Not Remove Old Ones


34. Extreme Wheelchairing!


35. I Made It Handicap Accessible Boss

not my job momentsAidsInMyBrain

36. My Colleague Ordered Some Bowls Online And This One Came Exactly As You See It. Someone Wrapped A Broken Bowl, Without The Parts That Broke Off, Meaning It Didn’t Break In Transit


37. Delivered Boss!

not my job momentseggsplorer

38. Title Goes Here Fsdjik Ndfij Jkfns


39. Spotted In Target. Next Level Fashion


40. I’ve Got A Great Idea Boss

not my job momentsSenira_G