Photographer Has Been Capturing Gingers Around The World For 7 Years

39-year-old Scottish photographer Kieran Dodds has been capturing portraits of gingers, over the past seven years.

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1. Clockwise: Steven Mckay, Esther, Rebecca (Mother), Chloe, Lois And Abigail, Scotland

gingers portraits

2. Alexander Soued, Scotland, Born In 2011

3. Sveta Ni, Russia, Born In 1996

4. Jordan DeLeon, Jamaica, Born In 2016

5. Nixie Connelly, Scotland

gingers portraits

6. Photographer’s Daughters Izzy & Ada Dodds, Scotland

7. Jamie Hallam, Scotland, Born In 2004

gingers portraits

8. Lucy Fleming, Scotland, Born In 2005

gingers portraits

9. Marteka Nembhard, Jamaica, Born In 2005

10. Photographer Kieran Dodds, Scotland, Born In 1980

11. Maya Duncan-Smith, Dundee, Scotland

gingers portraits

12. Gilad Belkin, Israel, Born In 1988

gingers portraits

13. Pacey Young, Scotland

14. Randy Wong, Jamaica, Born In 1988

15. Chris McCabe, Scotland

gingers portraits