40 Times People Share Hilarious ‘Not My Job’ Moments

People shared hilarious ‘not my job’ moments and here are 40 of the funniest ones.

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1. Security Dog

not my jobKarm_Me_up

2. Got The Chatbot Working, Boss


3. Printed The Sign, Boss

not my jobMuzzWave

4. Care To Elaborate??


5. I Mean, It’s Important To Follow Safety Protocols

not my jobHertzFrequently

6. Previous Owners Built This House, Told Us There Was Insulation In The Roof. True Story


7. That’s Good To Hear

not my jobInternalEssayz

8. Painted The Lines Boss


9. “I’m A Painter, Not An Exterminator.” -This Person Probably

not my jobDimitriTooProBro

10. Made The Error Message Boss