This Online Group Shares People Who Had One Job And Failed In A Funny Way

The subreddit titled, You Had One Job, is dedicated to capturing posts that people who failed in a funny way!

Here are our previous You Had One Job posts.

1. You Morons…

one jobRou9hrider78

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3. Job To Censor This Guy’s Face

one jobary_s

4. Anti Vaccine Protests, Today In Toronto. They Ain’t Too Bright


5. I Wonder If They’re Hiring…

one jobderkandelvis

6. Ah !! The Starbucks Drive – Thru (9 3/4) For Hogwarts Students


7. Who Went Through With This?

one jobbaylerbons

8. “World’s Most Helpful Error Message” (Captured From A Ltt Video)


9. You Just Had To Click The Folder!

one jobzzap

10. Gee Thanks Dude…