This Online Group Shares People That Had One Job And Failed In A Funny Way

The subreddit titled, You Had One Job, is dedicated to capturing posts that people who failed in a funny way!

1. Literally Your Last Job

funny failsSpenceBro

2. That Wasn’t Supposed To Happen

funny failsCandySunset27

3. No Wonder I Was Struggling…

funny failsItsyBitsyStumblebum

4. Got The Christmas Lights Up. They’re… Candles. Yeah. Really

funny failsPaleoGamer

5. I Am So Confused

funny failsShrektheGodabove

6. Apparently, Mermaids Have Butts

had one

7. Posted The Sign, Boss …

funny failsFurryAndWeird

8. Visible Confusion

had one job


9. That’s One Short Cord

had one jobreal_dubblebrick

10. It Was Almost Fine

had one jobShrektheGodabove