20+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

41. Dinner For Two. My Girlfriend’s Been Out Of The Country For A Little Too Long

pets stealing partnerskfarz

42. My Little Spider Monkey, And The Face He Makes At Me When He Steals His Daddy’s Attention From Me

pets stealing partnersmonito_bonito_

43. I Think My Cat Likes My Boyfriend

pets stealing partnerssirnitalot

44. My Dog Stole My Girlfriend

pets stealing partnersAldairion

45. My Dog And My Boyfriend In Bed

pets stealing partnersjeyy88

46. Our Pets Arrange Themselves Around My Girlfriend And I Like This Almost Every Night

pets stealing partnersGraeterMcMuffin

47. Nothing Beats Finding Your Girlfriend In Bed With Another Boy After A 14 Hour Shift

pets stealing partnersbazzil350

48. My Boyfriend And My Cat Holding Hands. Heart Bursting

pets stealing partners


49. My Cat Often Gives Me “The Face” To Remind Me That I’m The Side Bitch Whilst My Boyfriend Spoons Her

pets stealing partnersleah38124

50. My Dog Loves My Boyfriend More Than She Does Me

pets stealing partnersRica586