20+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

21. My Wife Took A Pic Apparently This Is How We Sleep

pets stealing partnersLarsenator

22. Found My Boyfriend And Dog Taking A Nap Like This

pets stealing partnersMilky_moo_cow

23. A Seriously Cute Moment Between My Boyfriend And Cat

pets stealing partnerscherry_chapstick

24. I Feel Like I’m Interrupting Something Here…?

pets stealing partnerstermytwo

25. Left For Work, Forgot Phone. 10 Minutes Later, And This Bitch Is Already In Bed With My Boyfriend

pets stealing partnersi_love_blts

26. My Cat Has A Habit Of Sleeping On My Boyfriend’s Face In The Middle Of The Night. This Is What I Wake Up To Every Morning

pets stealing partnersvloss

27. I Think My Dog Stole My Boyfriend From Me

pets stealing partnersThebestKimthereis

28. I Think My Cat Likes My Boyfriend More Than He Likes Me

pets stealing partners


29. I Think My Girlfriend’s Dogs Were Happy To See Me

pets stealing partnersRecursiveMagic

30. I Think Our Dog Is Trying To Pull A Brian Griffin With My Wife

pets stealing partnersschowey