20+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

1. My Prairie Dog And Girlfriend Asleep

pets stealing partnersjohnsie07

2. My Cat Is In Love With My Boyfriend. She Glares Every Time I Try To Sit Next To Him. He Didn’t Believe Me, So I Took A Picture

pets stealing partnersssdshannonmarie

3. Trying To Enjoy My Coffee And Cuddles With Boyfriend, Dog Starts Nudging And Yipping Until I Move. Immediately Takes My Spot And Gives Me This Look

pets stealing partnersHellaClassy

4. My Girlfriend Took This Photo Of Me And My Jealous Bitch Of A Dog

pets stealing partnersjordendsampson

5. My Boyfriend And Our Cat Are Close. Too Close?

pets stealing partnerskwpotato

6. No Matter Where My Husband Falls Asleep My Cat Finds Him And Naps With Him

pets stealing partnersmdemouli

7. She Is Mine

pets stealing partners

8. My Friends Dog Is Jealous Of His Girlfriend

pets stealing partners


9. Came Back To Bed To Find This Bitch Stole My Boyfriend

pets stealing partnersreddit.com

10. She Loves Reminding Me I’m Basically My Husband’s Side Chick

pets stealing partnersDeniseGrace