20+ Shameless Pets That Stole Owner’s Partner And Didn’t Even Feel Sorry

31. My Dog Takes My Girlfriend’s Spot When She Leaves For Work. This Is What I Woke Up To Today

pets stealing partnersChiSc0tt

32. I Send My Girlfriend Pictures Like This To Make Her Jealous

pets stealing partnersGilmowy

33. My Dog Wanted To Skype With My Girlfriend

pets stealing partnersaconner86

34. Walked In On My Boyfriend In Bed With Some Bitch

pets stealing partnersreddit.com

35. When My Girlfriend First Got Her Dog He Was Scared Of Me. I Think He Is Starting To Like Me Now

pets stealing partnersVeritas1123

36. My Girlfriend Was Out Of Town So My Dog And I Finally Had The Dinner We’re Always Putting Off

pets stealing partnerspablo902

37. Banned My Boyfriend From Sending Me These While I’m On My Morning Shift

pets stealing partnerspowalona

38. Apparently This Is How My Sister Found Her Husband And Marvin This Morning

pets stealing partners


39. Miss Steal Your Man 2017

pets stealing partnerskirsty.lian

40. My Boyfriend Recently Had To Move Out And My Dog Really Misses Him. Can You Tell?

pets stealing partnersRCAF_Nurse