30 Cute Pics Of Pets Were Caught When Stealing Food

11 My Cat Steals Potatoes And Walks Around Like A Boss

pets steal foodSithLady

12. Who Could Resist A Cinnamon Roll?


13. My Dog Escaped. Showed Up At The Front Door With Unopened Nachos


14. I Was Wondering Who Ate The Bread


15. Mr. Muffins Stealing A Muffin


16. Sneak Thief Caught In The Act – That’s A Nose In The Hole


17. How I Found My Kitten Trying To Steal Food From The Top Of The Fridge

pets steal foodthe_ZA

18. Bro My Lunch Has Been Stolen

pets steal food


19. Doggo Steals A Pupperoni Pizza

pets steal food

20. He Tried