Cats And Lizards Come Together In A Lovely And Hilarious Way

Cats like to catch lizards but lizards might catch cats. They are a super duo with their lovely and hilarious moments.

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1. My Colleague Made This Photo. Crouching Cat, Hidden Lizard


2. Two Unlikely Best Friends

cats and lizards

3. My Cat Pretty Much Adopted My Rescue Lizard As Her Weird Scaly Kitten And The Two Are Inseparable. They Have Naps Together, Spy On The Neighbors Through The Window Together And Just Generally Hang Out Together Every Chance They Get


They have naps together, spy on the neighbors through the window together and just generally hang out together every chance they get. (All interactions are 100% supervised).

4. Stalking Lizards Is Tiring Work

cats and lizards

5. My Friend’s Cat Playing With The Lizard


6. Rare Moment Captured This Morning As Our Cat (Who Is Very Shy) Booped Our Bearded Dragon (Who Is Always Sleeping Under His Rock)

cats and lizards

7. My Cat Thinks He’s A Lizard…


8. Fat Eli & Ron The Dragon


9. My Friend’s Bearded Dragon Likes To Cuddle With Her Two Cats


10. Took My Bearded Dragon To A Clinic I’m Interning At

cats and lizards