People Who Cater To The Super Rich; What Things Have You Seen?


I went to a New England prep school for high school on a full ride sports scholarship.

There were a decent amount of foreign national students – mainly from Asia, that came from EXTREMELY wealthy families. One of those students parents bought him a brand new BMW 5 series – fully loaded, when he got his license our Junior year.

When we graduated a year later, he was going back to Korea and obviously couldn’t take the car, so he gave it to his best friend…kid got an $80k car at 17 years old, just for being good friends with the right guy! I’ll never forget that.




A friend from high school worked a few years as a deck hand on yachts in the Mediterranean and he said he once jumped in to get a customer’s bag and got tipped €4000.


super richfirewalkwithme0926

My dad’s client bought a whole block of houses to build theirs. It is so wide that they installed a moving walkway like the ones at airports.



My partner once helped build a $350,000 PERGOLA. Built from I wanna say something like mahogany imported from Fiji because they couldn’t source solid beams from anywhere else? And we’re in the middle of the Midwest. It was then PAINTED because the color didn’t suit the homeowner.

I still sometimes think about the fact that our beautiful historic home that we’re lucky enough to own was still over $100k cheaper than this person’s glorified outside stick fort.


super richtobias269

Have been working for the super rich for sometime.

Craziest thing I’ve seen – brand new 90 metre multimillion pound (GBP) yacht was built in Netherlands. Maiden voyage to Antibes in France. Owner came onboard and left after a few hours. Next week we get sent to Genoa Italy, where all the bathrooms onboard were ripped out and upgraded.

That doesn’t sound like a big deal but I’m talking about brand new marble sinks, showers, floors and lobbies all crowbarred out chucked in skips. Tonnes of brand new polished marble binned.

New marble colours and patterns arrived in the weeks following.

There’s feed me money, there’s f**k you money and there’s “it’s not even a thought money.”



Was a boyfriend of a girl from an obscenely rich family. The sister used to have the nanny (who was sleeping with the husband, but that’s another story) fly to Paris in their G550 to buy the newest Hermès bag so she could show it off a few days before it went on sale in the US.


super richclovisson

My dad works in shipping and has a lot of friends who have worked on super yachts. In the 90s one of his mates got a call up to bring the yacht of a particular Australian media tycoon billionaire (not that one) from Sydney to New York, with instructions to be anchored in a particular bay at an exact time with a lunch spread for 50 people ready. So they got there and set up the food. The guy never showed up. Turns out he was having a rich dude party in a building overlooking the harbour and wanted to be able to point down and say “that’s my boat”. He wanted the lunch just in case he decided to take his rich friends down to his yacht, but he didn’t feel like it that day, so all the food got wasted and they sailed back to Aus without seeing him.



I briefly worked with one of the top Saudi Arabian crown princes in the 80’s. He would buy out the top three floors of the best hotels (Four Seasons etc); two floors were for maids/help/security, top floor was for the Royal family… once it was only the prince and his three wives. Crazy s**t.


super richAverageSizeWayne

I know of someone that had a $100,000 toilet.



My wife’s aunt and uncle were busy the entire day of their 25th anniversary and returned home at about 21:00. Decided that the kids needed a bit of fun and booked a private jet to Moscow( they live in paris) and spent a week there.

Money- gotta love it.