30 Funny Pics Of Older People Failed To Use Social Media

21. Meet My 86 Year Old Grandmother


22. Lost Her Nephew

older people social mediaFPSRedHead

23. Whoops…wrong Grandson

older people social mediaSuburbanHierarchy

24. Brutally Honest Grandma


25. My 83 Year Old Italian Grandmother Posted This A Few Days Ago. I Shared

older people social mediatangyfish

26. It’s Her First Selfie

older people social mediaFijiStreams

27. I Think My Grandmother Is Retarded

older people social mediapurplesundaes

28. That’s Enough Of That Shit Ricky


29. How Jean Celebrates National Pet Day


30. Either My Grandma Doesn’t Know How To Use Facebook Or She’s Really Salty About Aunt Doris

older people social mediaforkanna