40 Funny Pics Of Older People Failed To Use Something Correctly

Here is a hilarious list compiled from older people who failed to use something correctly! Scroll down to see the funniest ones!

1. Me: “Grandma, I’d Like To Take A Picture Of Us”. Activate Front-Facing Camera. Grandma: “Oh That’s A Very Nice Picture, When Is That From?” Me: “That’s Us Right Now”


2. They Had Us In The First Half Not Gonna Lie


3. Here Is My Favorite Picture Of My Grandma. She Was Having A Hard Time With The Mixer

older peopleBungalowbeast

4. My Uncle Using His Flashlight To Brighten Up My Dads iPad Screen


5. My Grandfather Got This Tie For Free In The ’90s And Wears It To Every Passover Seder

older peopleDresslerj1

6. Grandpa Went To Get His Passport Photos Done But Pressed The Wrong Button


7. My Grandparents Were Waiting For Each Other At The Mall

older peoplebigred1987

8. My Dad Likes Reading So I Got Him A Kindle For His Birthday. He’s Using It As A Bookmark


9. I Told My Grandpa That I Wanted To Build My Own Computer While We Were Talking Over The Phone, A Week Later This Came In The Mail

older peoplesagull

10. Bob