40 Funny Pics Of Older People Failed To Use Something Correctly

21. My Mom Accidentally Printed Her Divorce Papers On Stickers


22. My Friend Was At The Airport, And This Old French Woman Just Didn’t Care

older peopledjTrip9

23. My Grandma Bought My Whole Family Masks – Not Only Do They Make You Look Like Underwear Hannibal Lecter, But They Also Have Holes Punched Through To Make It “Easier To Breathe”


24. Hey, That’s My Son


25. My Father Made This Really Nice Landscaping In His Front Yard. And Then He Stood Back And Realized What He Had Done


26. My Grandma’s Friend Used The Voice To Text Option And Couldn’t Get It To Stop

older peoplegenleiaorgana

27. This Is What Happens When Your 2,088-Week-Old Mother Loves To Push Buttons In Her New Car


28. When Mom Comes Over To Visit

older people


29. My 97-Year-Old Grandpa Is On Facebook. A Couple Of Years Ago He Liked A Photo Of Mine, So He Printed The Whole Page To Display It In His Home


30. My Grandmother Passed Down Her Recipes On A Floppy Disk

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