40 Funny Pics Of Older People Failed To Use Something Correctly

11. My Mother Made A Facebook Account And This Was Her First Message To Me

older peopleSafferso

12. My Grandma Thought This Was A Cross So She Hung It Up. I Decided Not To Correct Her


13. My Grandma Knows I’m An Uber Driver But Doesn’t Know How It Works. She Got Me This Planner And Wrote “Thought This Would Be Good For Your Uber Appt’s”

older peopleck2400

14. My Wife’s Grandpa Is Unsubscribing From Facebook


15. My Grandpa Asked Why The Trail Mix Tasted So Bad

older peoplekarmaqueen_

16. My Grandma, An Avid Gardener, Has Been Wearing This Mask For Weeks. The Checkout Lady At The Store Today Explained It To Her


17. My Grandpa Doesn’t Trust His New Roomba So He’s Been Following It Around

older peopleWarmTummyRubs

18. Haven’t Found My Fisheye Lens For Weeks. My Mom Used It As A Clipper


19. Set Up My Mom’s Updated TV System Yesterday


20. My Grandma Loves Her “Jesus” Statue

older peoplejmonty156