Old People Using Social Media, 40 Photos That Will Make You Laughed

Some of us, who are young or middle ages, are good at using social media. But what about our elders? Old people may cause many interesting and funny moments while using social media. Here are 40 examples of these moments that will make you laughed.

1. When Emojis Are Banned So You Make Your Own

old people use social

2. A Friend Posted This

3. My Father In Law Likes To Caption Pictures Of My Pets On Facebook

old people use social media3 years ago

4. Wholesome

5. Emergency Assistance Needed

3 years ago

6. Coward

old people use social

7. It Was Worth A Shot

8. Calm Down G R A N D M A

9. My 97 Year Old Grandpa Is On Facebook. A Couple Of Years Ago He Liked A Photo Of Mine, So He Printed The Whole Page To Display It In His Home

old people use social

10. Granny Messaged To Wish Me Luck On My Test