‘What Is This Thing’ Identify Objects People Have But Have No Idea About Them

11. My Boyfriend And I Were Traveling Sunday Evening (10/25) And We Flew Over Clouds That Were Glowing Orange. Photo Details Suggest That It Was Somewhere Over Kingsville, On, Canada. Any Idea What Caused This?

odd thingsAnswer: Grow lights inside massive greenhouses just east of Kingsville.

12. What Is The Purpose Of The “Chip” In The One Prong Of This Fork? At First, I Though It Actually Was Just A Chip, But Turns Out Its On Multiple Forks In My Drawer. Any Ideas?

weird thingsAnswer: they make one tine wider for cutting stuff, but the wider one wouldn’t stab as well as the others, so the gave it a clipped point.

13. Someone Was Gifted This For A New Baby With No Note On What It Is

Answer: It is a door silencer. It wraps around and covers the latch on a door so that it doesn’t latch and the rubber also makes the door open and close silently. The straps go around the doorknob on each side.

14. Friend Found At A Goodwill. Tool Belt Of Some Kind. Anyone Know The Specific Use?

Answer: it’s a fishing rod holder.

15. My Girlfriend Lives In A Basement Apartment And In The Closet Under A False Floor There’s This Pipe In The Ground. Smells Terrible Like Sewage. Any Idea What It Is And How To Fix It?

Answer: It appears to be an old broken drain, or more likely, a cleanout with a broken cover. That needs to be capped ASAP. Sewer gasses are a noxious health hazard. Note, tape and plastic are not an acceptable cap.

16. This Hollow Bumpy Thing Was In My Quarantine Care Package. On Either End Are 5 Small Holes Arranged In A Pentagon (Which Don’t Whistle Btw).

Answer: Just asked my girlfriend who is Korean who says it’s from the health centre in Jeju island. The writing says “Metropolitan mental health welfare centre” It is literally just a hand massager, really common for old people To get one with welfare packs. Pressure points are really important to Korean people. So wouldn’t be surprised to hear they include one in the COVID care kit.

17. Strange Mask? Found It But I’m Not Sure What It Is

weird thingsAnswer: the makeup or mask worn by the Beast in the 80s/90s “Beauty and the Beast”

18. Friend Received This Passed Down From His Great Great Grandfather. It’s Believed To Be From Persia & About 2,000 Years Old

weird thingsAnswer: It’s a hairpin or a clothes pin/brooch. If it’s something 2000 years old, you need to see a professional at a museum/institute of archaeology to get it evaluated AND then get it insured.

19. Jump Rope Spike? Two Spring Covered Spikes Connected With Paracord

Answer: They are rescue grips for things like ice fishing. Run the cord through your jacket sleeves and the spikesv are at hand if you fall through the ice.

20. Found This While Renovating. Any Idea? Bomb Squad On The Way. Montreal, Qc

Answer: That is an artillery round, probably 155. Looks unfired, good that EOD is en route. Do not mess with it.