30 Pics Of Nostalgic Things Proving That How Much The World Has Changed

21. Starving Your Calculator To Death

nostalgic thingsMea05cer

22. The Family Computer


23. Limewire

nostalgic thingsBjcistok

24. Surreal Moment Today. I Went To Oaks, PA Too Many Video Games Expo. Found My Gameboy From Early 2000’s


25. Today A 70th Years Old Ma’am Gave Me Her Nokia 3310 To Change The Battery. I Couldn’t Resist

nostalgic thingsskiermax

26. I Know I’m 31 And All, But I Still Get Excited About Scholastic Book Club Order Forms


27. MSN Messenger! Playing With Emojis Over A Decade Before It Was Cool

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28. Friendship Bracelets – I Used To Love Making These


29. Linkin Park

nostalgic thingsamazon.com

30. Did Anyone Else Have A Stage In The Cafeteria Of Their School?