30 Pics Of Nostalgic Things Proving That How Much The World Has Changed

This subreddit group titled Nostalgia is a place for things to commercials from our past, whether they’re happy, funny, or sad. Take a look at some of these nostalgic things!

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1. Remember Watching The Pipes Screensaver?

nostalgic thingsreddit.com

2. Burning The Sickest CDs In The Neighborhood


3. The Magic That Was The Scholastic Book Fair

nostalgic thingsMccreesKnees

4. When I Was 9 Years Old My Dad Was Deployed To Baghdad, Iraq. I Gave Him These Yu-Gi-Oh Cards To Keep Him Safe. They’ve Been In His Wallet For 12 Years


5. Flipping Through These As A Kid Trying To Find Your Favourite Bands Poster

nostalgic thingsbeardynolando

6. The Smell Of Opening A Brand New Can Of Play Doh


7. These TV Carts Always Meant Class Was Going To Be Fun When The Teacher Rolled One In

nostalgic thingscurly1022

8. I Found An Old Pic Of Me Playing Computer Games. As It Turns Out I Haven’t Changed Very Much


9. Pencils With Cartridges

nostalgic thingsLexjiggler

10. These Are The Streets I Grew Up On