40 Jokes And Memes That Especially For The ’90s and 2000s People

Time has changed and everything is affected by changing time. Fashion, social life, even jokes… And somethings stay at old times without disappearing from our minds. Here are 40 jokes and memes that especially for the ’90s and 2000s people.

1. The Days Of Poor Graphics And Endless Hours Spent On These Games

'90s and 2000s

2. Goals

3. Anyone Else Get Mesmerized By The Windows 95 Screensavers As A Kid?

4. The Last Time


5. Windows 98

6. Latchkey Kids Unite!

'90s and 2000s

7. Movie Time In School

8. Ceilings In The 90s

9. I Member…

'90s and 2000s people

10. Gather Round, Children, While I Tell You Of Bath Beads