Magnificent Trees: 16 Of The Most Exotic Trees From Around The World

The tunnel of maple trees, in Oregon

Maple trees can be quite beautiful on their own, with their bright red leaves. But when multiple maples are gathered in an alley, they form a spectacular tunnel. Above and on the ground, the scenery is decorated with the autumn outfit of these trees.

The largest sequoia in the world is in California

The Sequoia trees are known to reach an impressive height and have extended periods of life. But the particular Sequoia found in California beats all records. He is the king of the trees of his type.

Magnificent Trees

The Dark Hedges, located in Northern Ireland

Are you fascinated by ghost stories and horror movies? Then you need to see this. There is a gathering of trees planted here by the Stuart Family, back in the 18th century, out of decorative purposes. But today, these trees grew so thick that they block most of the sunray, forming a natural dark curtain. It is something you don’t see very often.

Magnificent Trees

The Oaks Avenue in South Carolina

The Dixie Plantation in South Carolina has a collection of oaks that grew in a very particular way. They spread their branches like an arch, forming a beautiful pathway. The old trees are also covered in moss, so the picture looks even more spectacular.

Magnificent Trees

The wind-shaped trees of New Zealand

Well, if trees do not grow in weird shapes from the start, nature will form them into one. In New Zealand, there are areas where the winds are so powerful that they simply bend and twist the trees in their way. So don’t be amazed if you see here trees looking like they’ve been groomed in an unnatural position.

Magnificent Trees

The flamboyant tree of Brazil

A very decorative tree, this one has its thick branches covered with large bouquets of bright orange flowers. A unique tree to have around.

Magnificent Trees

The Angel Oak of South Carolina found on John’s Island

Oaks do tend to grow in the most intricate ways. This one is tall and broad at the same time, spreading uncontrollably his branches everywhere. Covered with green moss, the tree appears like it’s been here forever.

Magnificent Trees

The Baobab Trees of Madagascar

Also called the upside-down tree, the baobab impresses through his massive one-piece trunk and branches that look like roots. These trees also grow to impressive heights, having incredibly thick logs. Where they grow, they manage to stand out in the crowd, looking like alien plants coming from a different world.

Magnificent Trees

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