30 Times People Asked What These Mysterious Plants Are

People asked about mysterious plants that they came across and others answered. Here are some of the most mysterious and weirdest plants.

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1. What’s This Curly Cactus?

mysterious plants

Cereus forbesii cv Spiralis

2. What Are These Flowers?


They are salvia but the cat is wildly distracting

3. What Is This Whimsical Little Vine In Atlanta?

Ampelopsis glandulosa var. brevipedunculata (syn. Ampelopsis brevipedunculata), is a member of the grape family (Vitaceae). This deciduous, woody vine develops vast root networks and can grow more than 20 feet tall if trees and shrubs are available for climbing. Its tiny white flowers bloom in mid-summer, which is followed by the colorful transformation of its berries from white to yellow, lilac, green and turquoise. Birds and small mammals spread this plant over long distances by eating its fruits. Porcelain berry also reproduces asexually by resprouting from roots.


4. What Is This Alien Looking Flower?

mysterious plants

Puya bromeliad

5. What Kind Of Tree Is This?



6. What Flower Is This? Found On Facebook With No Context


Geum Reptans rose

7. Found This Growing Voluntarily Over My Dog’s Grave


Spring beauty (Claytonia virginica)

8. Found In Ventura, Ca. Anyone Know What This Is?

mysterious plants

Geraldton Carnationweed, Carnation Spurge (Euphorbia terracina)

9. What’s This Trippy Fella Called?


Cercis canadensis The Rising Sun Eastern Redbud

10. What Is This Satisfying Succulent?

mysterious plants

Ice plant (Corpuscularia lehmannii)