30 Times People Shared ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

21. I Recorded The Quality Of Each Of My Days During 2021

mildly interestingpink_snoo

22. Garlic…but Each One Is A Single Clove


23. The Hotel I’m Staying At Has A Tiny Door That Says “John Malkovich”

mildly interestingKobbero

24. Deer Were Using My Car As A Salt Lick


25. These Jars Contain The Same Amount Of Jam

mildly interestingLoafefish

26. Flew On A New Delta Plane, And They Put A Window In The Lavatory


27. My Aunt Has This Birthday Calendar, Names On Disks Using Hooks

mildly interestingPantelima

28. The Penguin Classics Version Of ‘1984’ By George Orwell Has Its Title And Author Censored


29. I Haul The Windmill Blades For Electric Wind Turbines

mildly interestingFinzClortho

30. My Hotel Jacuzzi Tub Fills Up From The Ceiling