30 Times People Shared ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

11. Table I Made Out Of Old Skateboards In My Clients House

mildly interestingBiloWaegons

12. My Bachelor’s Degree Is Signed By Arnold Schwarzenegger


13. My Grandma’s Collection Of 544 Different Cookie Cutters That She Has Been Expanding For 50+ Years

mildly interestingastonishedplant

14. I’m The Only Apartment With The Holiday Spirit


15. This Walgreens Is In An Old Bank

mildly interestingacol0mbian

16. The Gas Station Near Me Has The Price Of Coffee Also Listed


17. Someone Put A Bob Ross Toaster In Our Breakroom, And It Burns An Image Of Bob Ross Onto The Toast

mildly interestingDictatorTot23

18. This Painting In A Waiting Room Is The Same Print As My Phone Case


19. My Orange Had Segments In Two Shades Of… Orange

mildly interestingsoandsoyaknow

20. How The Water Froze On The Lake By My House.