10+ Interesting Pics Of Rarely Seen Things

Our mundane everyday lives sometimes make us forget that the world is an interesting place. There is compiled a collection of rarely seen pictures, to remind you about the interesting things around us and they will definitely catch you off-guard. But in a totally good way.

From a grain of sand magnified 300 times to a butterfly that’s half male, half female, they have been included both the common and the rare. Scroll down to rediscover the ordinary and expand your worldview.

1. This Butterfly Is A Bilateral Gynandromorph, Literally Half Male, Half Female


2. This Is What Some Grains Of Sand Look Like When Magnified 100 To 300 Times

Grains Of Sand
Gary Greenberg

3. This Purely Golden Bee Landed On My Car Today

Golden Bee

4. Rocks On The Lake Baikal

rock touches water
Елена Вторушина

5. Saw A Snail Today While I Was Outside And Its Shell Is Crystal Clear


6. This Cat I Met Today Has Sauron’s Eyes


7. My Friend’s Blind Cat Soren Has Amazing Eyes

Blind Cat

8. This Is A Music Typewriter: How Music Was Typed Before Computers

A Music Typewriter


9. This Little Transparent Guy Landed On Me In The Ecuadorian Amazon

Transparent butterfly

10. Sun Through A UV Lens

Sun UV LensNathalia Alzate / SDO