‘Old Photos In Real Life’ Shows How Time Changes Everything

People shared ‘old photos in real life’ that shows how time changes everything in a subreddit and here are 35 of the most interesting photos.

Here are more old photos.

1960s cladding being removed from a 1920’s building

1960s aluminum cladding being removed from the Hedrick Building in San Antonio, Texas, revealing its original Spanish Baroque decoration. The cladding won a Renovation of the Year award in 1963.

Hedrick Building

Main Street – Deadwood, Dakota

Swimming Pool section of The Grande Hotel Beira, Beira, Mozambique (1958 and 2015)

A luxury hotel in Beira, Mozambique. It was opened in 1954 and operated until 1974, when it was closed due to lack of guests. The building was used as a military base during the Mozambican Civil War. It is currently home to over 3,500 squatters.


Bhitargaon Temple, Kanpur, India. 1875 And 2011. Built In 5th Century Ce And Renovated By British In 1901. It’s The Oldest Surviving Brick Structure In India


Newcastle Castle, UK – 1895 To 2022

old photos

The historical facade of a building along Saks Fifth Avenue in Cincinnati was revealed during renovations. The original building was built in the early 1890s.

Chróstnik Palace 2009 vs. 2021. Chróstnik, Lubin County, Poland.

old photos

Tunnel Rock At Sequoia National Park, 1952 And 2020

old photos

Edinburgh, Scotland

old photos

Moore Hall, Ireland, 1800s vs. Today

old photos

The Monstrosity That Was The Kowloon Walled City


Washington Square Arch In NYC

old photos