40 Times People Share ‘Mildly Interesting’ Things

31. Saw A Knight In The Park The Other Day


32. One Of Our Local Libraries Moved Into An Old Marsh Supermarket

mildly interestingblt08

33. Bought 2 Different Sizes Of Shoes, But The Boxes Align Perfectly With One Another


34. Found An E Than Survived The Recycling Process On The Cardboard We Use At Work

mildly interestingGodNasua

35. A Century Old Suit


36. 60 Doses Of Pfizer Vaccine Ready To Go


37. This Jeep’s Break Lights Are Jeeps


38. The Air Filter I Just Took Out Of My Lawnmower vs. The One I Replaced It With

mildly interesting


39. The Crack In The Door Splits My Grow Light Into Different Colors


40. My Wife And I Had Plane Snacks That Matched Our Books On Our Way To Our Honeymoon

mildly interestingSodaBoda1