30 Pics Of “Mildly Interesting” Stuff

The subreddit titled Mildly Interesting is dedicated to sharing pics that are interesting, rare, and uninteresting, and all too common.

1. My Dog’s Shampoo Is Tested On Humans First.


2. Social Distancing Escalator At Local Mall.

3 I Have Partial Heterochromia In Both Eyes

4. Buried Christmas Lights


5. This Elevator Has Giant Buttons You Can Push With Your Feet


6. This Finnish Bread-Brand Put A Mask On Their Mascot


7. My Bathroom Window Looks Like A Painting

8. My New Fridge Came With A Noise Description

9. My University Has A Yolo Button That Randomly Dispenses A Drink

10. My One Dog Looks Like My Other Dog’s Shadow.