Surprising Things In Nature Are Shared In ‘Mildly Interesting’ Subreddit

21. The Variety Of Colors In The Eggs My Friend’s Chickens Laid

mildly interestingTheH0F

22. This Tomato Looks Like A Rubber Duckie


23. Red Corn From Georgia

mildly interestingGoldenChinchilla

24. The Beautiful Tail On This Lizard I Saw


25. Our Cookout In Gatlinburg, Tn Was Interrupted By A Bear Who Sat Just Like A Human At The Picnic Table While He Finished Off Our Food

mildly interestingtakeheedyoungheathen

26. Believe This Might Be A Lightning Strike On A Concrete Sidewalk


27. Tiny Octopus I Found Inside A Seashell!

mildly interestingjunglepeanut

28. The World’s Most Dangerous Plant!


29. The Ghost Deer That Patrols Our Neck Of The Woods

mildly interestingthredder

30. This Tree I Found Grows Into Itself


Yo These Vines In My Neighborhood Look Like An Elephant