Surprising Things In Nature Are Shared In ‘Mildly Interesting’ Subreddit

People share the most amusing and interesting nature pics in the Reddit community Mildly Interesting.

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1. Frost Pattern On A Car This Morning

mildly interestingCalTech0003

2. The Way My Windscreen Froze


3. I Saw The End Of The Rainbow Today

mildly interestingtoastforscience

4. Perfect guttation fringe around a burnet plant 🔥

Surplus water usually leaves a plant through ‘pores’ called stomata. But usually, these are closed at night So root pressure forces some water out through edge structures called hydathodes this process is called Guttation.

5. The Petals Of This Camellia Flower

mildly interestingewilio

6. My Aunts Cat Has The Word No Circled In His Fur Pattern


7. This Cat That Lives At The Parking Lot At My Job Has Extra Toes

mildly interestingneon_noire

8. 5 Day Old Hedgehogs


9. This Stray Cat In Our Neighborhood Has A Perfect White Mustache

mildly interesting877CASHN0W

10. This Geode Looks Like A Ocean Waves On The Beach