Surprising Things Spotted In Nature Are Shared In ‘Mildly Interesting’ Subreddit

People share the most amusing and interesting nature pics in the Reddit community Mildly Interesting.

Part I

1. This Tree That Has Grown Across The Driveway And Sprouted More Trees Off The Top


2. Stygian Owl Known For Red Reflection Of Their Eyes That Are Often Associated With The Devil

Stygian Owl characteristics such as long ears tufts, dark coloration and particularly the brilliant red reflection of the eyes when illuminated by lamps have been associated with the Devil.

The Stygian Owl (Asio stygius) is a medium-sized dusky-colored owl. It has yellow eyes, a black beak, a dark blackish facial disk, and white eyebrows. Its underparts are a dingy buff color with dark brown barring and streaks. The upper parts are reverse, buff barring, and streaks on a dark background. The adjective “Stygian” means “of, or relating to, the River Styx”, but is more widely applied to anything that is dark or dismal. This owl occupies a variety of deciduous and evergreen forests, and open areas with patchy forest. It lives at elevations from sea level to 3,100 metres (10,200 ft) above global sea level.


3. Flock Of Sparrows Portaying A Horse While Horses Gallop In The Background


4. The Way This Ice Has Formed Looks Like A Tiny Forest

5. The Way This Bird Sits While Eating

6. My Cat Has A Genetic Mutation That Makes Her Eyes Weird, Her Sight Is Perfect


7. I Found A Mushroom That Looks Like A Little Owl


8. I Saw A White Deer In The Woods The Other Day

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9. My Cat Has A Cookie Shape On His Belly


10. My Tuxedo Cat Wednesday Has White Lines Going Down Each Leg. From Underneath She Looks Skeletal