Women Are Sharing Moments When Men Scared Them Probably Without Even Noticing It

11. Night out in the pub, there will always be one guy commenting that I haven’t drunk much. ‘Oh you’re still on your first glass of wine. You drink slow. Why aren’t you drinking’ etc.
Why are you counting my drinks? Creepy as f***!

Ma_Adjowa,Jessica Flores

12. ‘Jokingly’ using your strength to move me or keep me from moving. If I want to go home and you’re pulling me back, I am not actually going along with it. You are stronger than I am and I literally cannot leave

esthermyla,Hannah Reding

13. Following you to your car to get your number. Don’t. Ever. Do. That.

men intimidate womendadadawn,Gabriella Clare Marino

14. I had a guy come into the store I worked at and leave within ten minutes. Not even 5 minutes after he left, he had searched me up on Instagram and messaged me, as well as all other social media. He didn’t have my last name and literally sat in the parking lot to search me up and message me. And then he came into the store a lot more to learn what shifts I worked and was ALWAYS THERE. That’s not endearing or cool, it’s creepy and makes me not want to go to work anymore

DiabeticDogMom,Ellen Auer

15. Hitting on you in locations where you cannot escape (enclosed places like elevators, or workplaces)

mproveOrEnjoy,Julian Myles

16. Approaching me when I obviously don’t want to be approached ie. I have headphones on, I’m on my phone, I’m reading or pretty much any other universal signal of ‘I don’t want to be disturbed’

skalaarimonikerta,Matt Reiter

17. While talking online when I say, ‘I don’t know about meeting up,’ and their response is, ‘You are more likely to be [sexually harassed] by someone you actually know in person.’ Yup…Not meeting up now

urious-lycanthrope,David Suarez

18. Standing in doorways or blocking exits


19. Flirting is fun so long as you don’t ‘flirt’ by asking me where I live, and if I live alone, and if I know people in the area. If you want to chat, flirt, get to know me? Don’t start with the questions that set off alarm bells in my head

wanderingprose,Pascal Bernardon

20. Putting your arm on top of my shoulder and around close to my throat. It scares the heck out of me and every other lady I have talked to.

men intimidateWildmoonchild87,Renate Vanaga