Women Are Sharing Moments When Men Scared Them Probably Without Even Noticing It

21. Messaging you on a dating app, commenting that they found your profile and that they are in the same location as you — they can see you, but you can’t see them. I had a guy do this on a fully packed train I was on to go to work. I’m not an anxious person, but it felt really uncomfortable

men intimidate womenelgrn,Yogas Design

22. Trying to sleep with me when I am very obviously not interested. When I confront them, they just say, “Can’t blame a guy for trying.” WTF.


23. Driving really aggressively and having road rage. When I was younger and dating, I had so many experiences as a passenger with young guys who were otherwise normal but really intense and scary when they got behind the wheel. It always seemed like a red flag

men intimidate womenbrazziere,Elia Pellegrini

24. I’ve been approached several times in public by random men who say they want to be friends with me. One leaned in really close to have a conversation and asked me where I was from and where I live. Another grabbed my hands and remarked on how soft my skin is. Another one literally locked arms with me and dragged me to a coffee shop to ‘get to know me’ and then later told me to come with him to a more private place for a view of the city

kerbula,Michael Coghlan

25. Slow down their car when I’m walking. Dude, check your phone down the street. Not pulled up next to a woman walking alone. Infuriates me how few men even think of how that looks

epicpillowcase,Geronimo Giqueaux

26. Common female discussion – Unsolicited nudie pics. Equivalent to those creeps who hide behind the bushes trying to flash you. People need to realize 1 in 4 women have had some kind of [sexuall harassment]. Save it for your partner. Or risk getting blasted or viewed as a weirdo perv.

Bakbak2000,Chris J. Davis

27. When a guy won’t give up. He doesn’t even have to be physically present. Being an adamant d**k over text is enough to terrorize you sometimes

blueraccoon_,Eddy Billard

28. Wanting to go to a secluded location if I don’t know you well. Men on Tinder suggest going on hikes or taking a walk after dinner on first dates. Doesn’t even cross their minds that I would not want to be alone with them on a date

jittery_raccoon,Daria Nepriakhina

29. Raising their voice in anger. Even if it isn’t directed at me. Triggers a flight response. An obvious one I know but I think some men have no idea how scary that is. Also grabbing or hugging me from behind as a surprise. Solid way to trigger a panic attack

daubignylee,Shane Rounce

30. Uber or lyft drivers who ask me if they’re driving me home. You don’t need to know that!

men intimidateZombiexPeacock,Vincent Wachowiak