30 Times People Share Pointless Gendering Examples To Show How Ridiculous They Can Be

The subreddit r/PointlesslyGendered is dedicated to sharing pointless gendering examples and showing how ridiculous it can be.

1. Dinosaurs Are For Boys

gendered thingsgenius23sarcasm

2. I Feel This Belongs Here

gendered thingsPossessed_Porcelain

3. Random Low Key Pic From 4chan

gendered thingsinh24

4. Damn You, Spaghetti Sauce. If Only I Had A Man Around! Dinner Is Ruined!

gendered thingsGabrielle_Korn

5. Gendering Eggs Now, Are We?


6. And It’s Only $49.99!


7. Names Have A Gender?


8. What To Get My Niece For Christmas

gendered things


9. Gatekeeping A Yellow Jacket, Among Other Normal Things

gendered thingsSpecialist_Volume_63

10. Shaming Elephants