Women Are Sharing Moments When Men Scared Them Probably Without Even Noticing It

A Reddit user Honnung asked a question: “Women of Reddit, what are the things men do that scare you but they don’t realize it?” Here are some of the most-upvoted responses.

1. When I say I don’t like something — like something he said, or did, or joked about — and he says ‘you secretly like it :).’ That makes my skin crawl and alarm bells start going off. Don’t tell women what they like.

novakanet,Vidar Nordli-Mathisen

2. Blocking my path or physically holding me in place if they are not done talking to me. Basically, using their strength or size to restrict my motion in any way


3. Telling women to smile


4. Touching you in any way without permission, even if it seems harmless to you. Unfortunately that happens rather often in retail. Don’t touch my shoulder when you talk to me. Don’t stroke my hair. Don’t caress my hand when you give me your money. Don’t touch my ass or my boobs or anything at all! Please respect my personal space. It freaks me out when male strangers come near me and touch me in any way

lavendelfee,Ivan Radic

5. Thinking ‘no’ isn’t the final answer. Believing that with a little more convincing, I’ll say yes. It makes me believe you don’t respect me and worries me about how far you will go after I say no.

FrogInSnow,Yolanda Sun

6. Any time someone tries really hard to convince me he’s a ‘nice guy.’ Every guy I’ve met that desperately brings it up every chance he gets isn’t usually very nice. It always makes me wonder, what are they trying to hide? Like why do I have to think you’re nice? Prove it with your actions, don’t tell me repeatedly

ElectricPinkMango,Sebastian Pociecha

7. Parking right next to my car in a dark and/or empty parking lot. I’ve had this conversation with several girlfriends, but when I’ve mentioned it to men they had no idea about what goes through our mind when we see that

Outrageous_Ent,Joe Valtierra

8. Breaking or hitting things out of anger

men intimidate women

HectorIsMyHomie,Christopher Ott

9. Standing too close. Even without covid, social distancing is a thing. Stay out of my personal space

imabarmaid,Falco Negenman

10. Catcalling

men intimidate womenHoveringCrib,Ron Jake Roque