Pet Owners Share Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats On “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

21. My Sister Is A Vet Tech, She Snapped A Pic Of My Drugged Up Boy After His Dental. Weeeee

malfunctioning catsBskate69

22. When You’ve Been Gone Too Long, And The Food Dish Is Empty


23. Waiter, Why Is My Beverage Licking Itself?

malfunctioning cats5_Frog_Margin

24. This Is Jack, He’s Available For Adoption. Unfortunately For Jack Everyone Thinks He’s An Alien


25. This Is A Common Occurrence. She Makes Too Many Friends

malfunctioning catsBeer_Pancakes

26. Mission: Impossible Theme Plays


27. Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Walk Around Barefoot

malfunctioning catsLOERMaster

28. Deeeeeep Sleep


29. This Is My Weirdest Cat

malfunctioning catsvfort410

30. Are They Supposed To Have Tentacles?