Hilarious Photos Of Adorable Possums And Opossums

These 30 photos of possums and opossums are so cute and hilarious that you will definitely enjoy the photos.

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1. Possum Tries To Steal Cat’s Food, And Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless


2. Australian Veterinary Clinic Rescues A Rare Golden Possum, People Say They Just Caught A Pikachu

Boronia Veterinary Clinic And Animal Hospital

3. The Australian Western Pygmy Possum Is Actually One Of The Largest Pygmy Possums In The World Despite Being No Larger Than A Typical Kiwi Fruit

possumsChris Jolly

4. An Opossum Monching On Some Foods


5. Friends Cat Has Adopted A Baby Possum


6. So A Family Of Opossums Walked Out In Front Of Me


7. The Possum That Visits Our Deck Every Evening Brought Along Somebody Special Last Night! Meet Deckster And Backster


8. Rare Pygmy Possums Just Got Rediscovered After Fears That Bushfires Wiped Them Out

Kangaroo Island Land for Wildlife

9. When Your Possum Demands And Finally Gets A Bed In Your Dresser


10. A Possum, Skunk, And Raccoon All Having Dinner Together! Apparently, There Was A Fox At One Point As Well! My Colleague’s Sister Took This Photo From Her Back Yard