Pet Owners Share Pics Of Their Malfunctioning Cats On “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?”

11. Half Of Cat Stopped Working

malfunctioning catsfergieandtruro

12. What Apex Animal Is This


13. Mondays Be Like

malfunctioning catsAzsnee09

14. Lookouts Observing A Crime In Process


15. Sandals Are His Favorite Toy.. Until He Gets Stuck And I Have To Save Him

malfunctioning catslebrunjemz

16. He’s Ascended


17. There Is No Cat In This Image

malfunctioning catsLauraEatsFalafel

18. When You Attack The Yarn, But It Gets Stuck On Your Tongue


19. Why Are You Disturbing My Rest Time With Your Camera

malfunctioning catsPazluz

20. I Can’t Believe He Got Those Ears To Fit