40 Things That Show How Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

11. There’s An Ancient Japanese Pruning Method From The 14th Century That Allows Lumber Production Without Cutting Down Trees Called “Daisugi”

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12. Hospital Food In Japan


13. Japan Repair A Sinkhole In Fukuoka City In 2 Days


14. Somewhere In Kyoto, Japan, There’s This Man And His Dog. He Plays The Flute, The Dog Is Cute, And That’s How They Earn Some Loot


15. Born In Japan, 1751 And Died In July 7, 1977 At A Grand Old Age Of 226, Koi Hanako Was The Oldest Koi Fish Ever Recorded

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16. While Waiting At Kyoto Station This Guy Asked If I Want To Play Two Player Game Boy With Him. 30 Mins Well Spent


17. This Train Stop In Japan Has No Entries Or Exits, It Has Been Put There Merely So That People Can Stop Off In The Middle Of A Train Journey And Admire The Scenery


18. Train Seats In Japan Facing Outwards So You Can See The Scenery


19. In Japan Some Restaurants Are Really Private, You Are Sitting In A Corner, Where No One Sees You, A Door Opens In Front Of You, The Chef’s Hands Come Out And Serves You Without Looking

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20. At Japanese Airports, The Baggage Handlers Arrange Luggage By Color So It’s Easier For You To Find Your Bag