40 Things That Show How Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

31. These Square Watermelons In Japan – Grown In Boxes To Shape Them While On The Vine – For Convenient Stacking, Shipping, And Refrigerator Storage

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32. Bus Drivers In Japan, Striking In Such A Way That People Don’t Suffer


33. Aogashima Is An Isolated Village In Tokyo That Is Inside A Volcano That Has Another Mini Volcano Inside It

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34. The Picture Of The Japanese Movie Advertisement Is Printed On Two Sides Of The Newspaper, So The Full Picture Could Be Seen Under Light


35. Flight Delayed Due To The Rain Storm, Employees Of Japan Airlines Bow Sorry Passengers

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36. A Relaxation Drink In Japan, The Opposite Of An Energy Drink


37. Floating Solar Power Plant In Japan On The On The Yamakura Dam Reservoir

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38. This Pizza Box In Japan That Has A Handle In The Middle To Keep The Pizza Flat


39. I Bought Eye Drops From Japan And The Owner Decided To Write A Thank You Note With It Because Of The Covid Delay And Included His Favourite Tea And Sweets


40. A Museum In Japan That Has Rocks That Look Like Faces

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