40 Things That Show How Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

21. The Gum I Bought In Japan Comes With A Stack Of Paper For Easy Disposal

japan differenttikuku

22. These Sprinklers On The Road Near The Ski Resort I’m At In Japan To Keep The Road From Freezing Over. (Salt Water If You Were Wondering)


23. Flood In Japan, Just Realized There Are Barely Any Floating Trash And Debris


24. Subways In Japan Have Women Only Cars


25. Japan’s Fans Cleaning Up Their Sections After Their Match vs. Ivory Coast. Much Respect

japan differentKebbs

26. My Package From Japan Just Came In And The Owner Sent Me A Note With Some Origami


27. This Is How Smooth The Bullet Train Is In Japan


28. When You Need Help At A Train Station In Japan, Station Staff Will Literally Pop Out And Help You


29. “Pets” Button On A High End Residential Building Elevator In Tokyo

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30. This Is Not The Food From A High-End Restaurant. This Is Hospital Food In Japan