40 Things That Show How Japan Is Different From Any Other Country

Has anyone been to Japan? So you realized how Japan is different from any other country. Here are 40 things to see Japan’s differences from any other country.

1. A Cafe In Japan Is Hiring Paralyzed People To Control Robot Servers In Order To Still Make An Income

japan differentorylab

2. In The City Of Shimabara On Japan’s Kyushu Island, The Drainage Canals Are So Clean They Are Home To Hundreds Of Koi Carp

Drain canals in Japan are so clean they even have koi fish living in them


3. Tree In Japan Being Relocated To Make Way For A Road

japan differentAristonD

4. This Is A Rice Paddy. Farmers In Japan Plant Specific Rice Species To Make These Amazing Artworks


5. Long Walkway Covered In Semi-Transparent Umbrellas In Moominvalley Park, Saitama Prefecture, Japan


6. Penguin Soap Opera In Kyoto Aquarium


7. There Is A Phone Booth Known As The “Telephone Of The Wind” On A Hill Overlooking The Ocean In Otsuchi Town In Northeastern Japan. It Is Connected To Nowhere, But People Come To “Call” Family Members Lost During The 2011 Earthquake And Tsunami

japan differentSuccessful_Donut_928

8. Train Tracks In Japan Have Special Pathways For Turtles Under Them To Avoid Turtle Casulaties And Train Delays


9. This 400 Year Old Bonsai Tree Survived The Bombing Of Hiroshima In Japan

japan differentNazmulHossainRana

10. On Many Japanese Toilets, The Hand Wash Sink Is Attached So That You Can Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For The Next Flush. Japan Saves Millions Of Liters Of Water Every Year Doing This