Why It’s Impossible To Hold Back A Yawn, Explained By Science

Brain Temperature Is Higher After Sleep

Still on brain temperature: freshly waking up from sleep, the brain is hotter. It is commonly observed and believed that we yawn right when we wake from sleep.

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Yawning To Relieve Stress

You yawn less when you are cool and composed and more when you are very tasked and faced with other stress factors. Feeling stressed triggers a high body temperature,

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Yawning Right Before Parachuting

People do yawn right before taking actions like bungee jumping, parachuting, sky diving or any high-risk effects. This is due to the stress-like action of anxiety, and as well makes the brains to get hotter. So, yawning is one cooling way to them think and work more efficiently.

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Yawning Right Before Working Out

While our body system feel hotter after working out, and building a sweat, exercise makes us feel less stress. Yawning do happen before exercise and not after because our bodies and minds are more at alert

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Yawning To Break Addiction

Researchers have discovered that several brain chemical receptors got triggered by yawn, and suggested this to be the reason why drug addicts yawn while trying to break their addiction. A receptor triggered by opioids, chemicals that come from certain drugs such as morphine and heroin.

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